Camden Printworks has been printing with a purpose in Camden, New Jersey since 1990. 

We believe in location, diversity, and impact.

Our location allows us to be good neighbors in a city that American "progress" has left behind. We create jobs and bring business to America's poorest city. We believe that small business is one of the keys to getting Camden back on its feet.

Our diverse staff are valued, respected, and fairly compensated. We believe that having a team made up of people from different racial, religious, and economic backgrounds makes Camden Printworks a place of incredible connection.

Our impact on our customers, our block, our planet, and ourselves inspires us to always do better. We are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with screenprinting with an eye towards positive impact. That's why we specialize in water-based inks and fairly-made goods. That's why we offer internships to print majors. That's why our customers keep coming back again and again.